Al-Mahad Foundation

About the Society

Al-mahad Foundation

Al Mahad Foundation, Pakistan (Mahad Fund), a non-profit institution, founded in 2022 with the objective of supporting education, research, skill development and welfare activities for the messes around the globe specially for Pakistan. It is an association of senior educationists, research scholars and business professionals serving various colleges, universities and business organizations in Pakistan.

Central mission of Mahad Fund is to enhance education, scholarly activities in academically lesser developed countries in Asia as well as to provide skill education to the youth of Pakistan so as to join hands with the Government of Pakistan for achieving suitability in the region. Mahad Fund is dedicated to supporting the activities of education and research in commerce and cognate disciplines. Mahad Fund continues to pursue its very basic aims, such as:

1)      Promotion of educational activities

2)      Supporting useful, valuable and ethical research activities

3)      Developing networks with learned societies and forums

4) Supporting skill education in the region.

5) Participation in welfare activities in the region.

Mahad Fund believes in open access research content and attempts to provide the Content free of cost to academically lesser developed Asian and African countries.

Mahad Fund is really thankful to all the authors, readers, reviewers and editors for their contributions in upgrading the Onyx Journal of Business and Social Sciences.