Onyx Interscience is an essential platform for peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary research driving the latest research. It offers original review articles, protocols and teaching resources for the growing fields of Physical Sciences & Engineering, Life & Health Sciences, Social Sciences & Business and Humanities.

Onyx Interscience represents the next generation of online publishing, with rapid publication of significant, full-length research that is available free to readers through its open access database.  

Onyx Interscience offers a platform to researchers of multiplicities. Currently the following journals are available for publications in onyx interscience ;

Onyx Journal of Business & Social Sciences (OJBSS)

Onyx Journal of Business and Social Sciences (OJBSS) is a peer reviewed journal founded in 2022 with the mission of providing high quality scientific content to academic researchers and business practitioners. It focuses to provide intellectually stimulating forum where researchers can share their ideas, experiments, commerce related themes and topics in a friendly, supportive and thought provoking environment. The editorial board of OJBSS is committed to promote the journal as one of the leading and globally reputable essential reading in contemporary commerce during the next five years to come.